December 2020 Update

News: December 2020

The orphanage will soon close for the summer holidays.

This new website, which was designed by two ZOA Rome students (Will and Nef) will eventually replace the older one (

Fundraising in their schools by ZOA and SOA is facing challenges as Covid cases rise again in Europe. An emergency budget for 2021 has been set where the local sustainability projects (SOCH Inn and Hammer Mill) have had to increase their contribution to a figure of 37% of the running costs of SOCH. At this point in time, SOCH appears financially viable for 2021, but if fund-raising efforts remain thwarted by the virus, the pressure will be on!

Unexpected donations from an Australian church community and a retiring Swiss Principal, are allowing an expansion of SOCH Inn. The extra 3 rooms will assist greatly in the local fundraising goals.

Through generous sponsorship by families in Rome and Geneva, plus funds from ZOA, the SOCH orphans who are now at university, will have their tuition and accommodation fees paid for 2021. These 5 tertiary orphans include 3 girls who will be in their final year (2 in Nursing and 1 in Teaching), 1 boy in Nursing to finish in 2022, 1 boy in Computer Science on a part-scholarship in China set to finish in 2024). The cost of tuition and accommodation fees is about £70 per month, per student. If YOU can help even with a small regular monthly donation, it will be greatly appreciated by these young folk. Click here to donate through JustGiving