Serenje Orphans Children Home (SOCH)

Lovingly supported by ZOA and SOA

Serenje Orphans Children Home (SOCH)

SOCH (‘Serenje Orphans Children Home’) is an orphanage in Serenje, Zambia which has been supported by ZOA and SOA for many years. ZOA (‘Zambian Orphans Appeal’) and SOA (‘Serenje Orphans Appeal’) are the main charities of St George's British International School of Rome and Collège du Léman in Geneva. There is more information on the history of SOCH, ZOA and SOA in the About page. Click here to view the updates on SOCH, ZOA, SOA (alternatively, click Latest Updates).

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December 2020 Update

The orphanage is open again after Covid-19 restrictions were reduced in Zambia...

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