Education at SOCH

We believe that education is paramount to providing life-changing opportunities for the children who are entrusted to our care at SOCH.

All our Primary students are therefore enrolled in a local private school where class sizes are good and the learning of English is promoted. Once children leave SOCH, as long as they continue to pass in Secondary school, we usually provide their school fees and uniforms. Those young men and women who do not succeed in Secondary school may be eligible to be trained in carpentry skills on our site. Other opportunities, for example in hairdressing and tailoring may also be possible. SOCH, with the help of ZOA and SOA, also supports a number of our ex-students with their Tertiary education. Below are some examples of the tertiary students SOCH is supporting.

Sylvia Tembo: Teaching degree, 2nd year

Blessings Musonda: Environmental Health Practioner, 2nd year

Moses Chama Lesa: Computer Science and Technology, 1st year

Curtis Kunda: Nursing, 1st year

Wendy Mulenga: Nursing, 2nd year

Gift Lungu: Teaching degree, final year