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Donate to SOA

SOA ('Serenje Orphans Appeal') is officially registered in the UK as a charity (Number 1127234). This allows SOA to use charity websites like JustGiving when raising funds. The SOA charity trustees are volunteers, chaired by Ms Molly Shearer, herself a former UK teacher volunteer (VSO) in Serenje.

It costs us about £70 to support 1 child at SOCH for a month. Donate for the ongoing care of the orphans living at SOCH via JustGiving - All funds are fully accounted for and go directly to the recipient orphanage.

Donate to SOA

Donate for Further Education

You may also wish to help one of the children to attend a local college or university by sponsoring their fees, which are about £700 per year (this includes the boarding cost). For more information, email us before donating.

Donate for further education